23rd Oct 2015

Reporting from Odense – the MasterMind Midterm Workshop

This week the MasterMind Midterm Workshop was held in Odense, Denmark, as part of the European Telemedicine Conference (ETC).

On top of the ETC, the Workshop was carried out in the setting of WHINN – Week of Health and INNovation – a unique, first-of-its-kind combination of conferences, events, innovation, and networking activities in one week, all within health and innovation.

The Workshop consisted of a total of three sessions and largely dominated the programme on the first day of the ETC (21 Oct. 2015).

MasterMind keynote

The first session was the opening keynote of the ETC entitled “‘eMental Health and Telepsychiatry’ by MasterMind”. The session kicked off the Workshop with a high-level discussion between Jane Heidtmann, Member of the Danish Parliament and Spokes(wo)man for Health and the Elderly, Venstre – the Danish liberal Party, DK and Heleen Riper, Honorary Professor at University of Southern Denmark, Telepsychiatric Unit, University Hospital faculty of Health Science, NL.

The focus of the session was eMental health and telepsychiatry – areas which offer potential solutions to the increasing prevalence of mental illness in Denmark, Europe, and the rest of the world. Based on the knowledge generated through the MasterMind project about the use and deployment of eMental health solutions, the discussion explored the close connections between three areas playing a key role in the development towards providing better psychiatric care for all citizens: research, practical experience, and political leadership.

MasterMind Workshop Session 1

The second session was one of two sessions on the ETC Track and had the title “MasterMind Midterm Workshop: eMental Health and Telepsychiatry: Implementation in Everyday Practice in Primary Care”. Four speakers covered various reasons for the slower than expected uptake of eMental Health services alongside several strategies for speeding up the process:

Dr. Derek Richards, Director of Clinical Research and Innovation, SilverCloud Health, Research Fellow, School of Psychology, Trinity College, Dublin, IE; Dr. Frank Schalken, Founder and Partner, Stichting e-Hulp, NL; Chris Wright, Service Development Manager, Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare – NHS 24, UK; and Prof. Kevin Power, Honorary Professor Psychology, University of Sterling, UK, Area Head NHS Tayside, Psychological Therapies Service, Scotland.

MasterMind Workshop Session 2

The third session was the closing session of the first day on the ETC track and called “MasterMind Midterm Workshop: The Power and Potential of Telepsychiatry: Implications and Implementation in Secondary Care”. Three speakers discussed how innovative telemedicine solutions can enable those with mental health issues to receive care remotely: Patrick Heitz, MA., Barmer GEK, DE; Kim Mathiasen, Research Coordinator, Centre for Telepsychiatry, DK; and Prof. Frank Snoek, Head of Department of Medical Psychology, VU University medical Center, University of Amsterdam, NL.

The three sessions were moderated by the Coordinator of the MasterMind project, Claus Duedal Pedersen, Chief Innovation Officer, Centre for Innovative Medical Technology, OUH, DK.


All sessions were extremely well received by the audience. Participation numbers were high in all three and on top of comments and questions, the sessions generated lively discussions in between and after. All in all, the Workshop was a successful event that put MasterMind on the agenda and reached a large group of relevant stakeholders. From the project, we thank everyone who was part of the day and look forward to extending our collaboration event further.