Middle East Technical University (Turkey)

Middle East Technical University (METU) is established with a special initiative from the parliment in 1956 as the first technical university of the Turkish Republic. Currently it has 37 departments, 5 graduate education institutes, and 24,500 students. METU has 19 international joint degree programs with European and American universities at undergraduate and graduate level.

METU is placed among the top 60 universities in the “World Reputation Rankings 2013”, recently announced by the Times Higher Education (THE). The “World Reputation Rankings 2013” includes universities that are identified as “excellent” in research and education by academics from various countries.

METU Informatics Institute was established in 1996 with the goal of creating specialized application-oriented graduate programs. Among these, the Medical Informatics MS and PhD programs and Cognitive Science MS and PhD programs are of special concern for the current project. In these 4 programs, there are a total of approximately 250 graduate students, among which approximately a third working on clinical applications of
hospital information systems, biological image/signal analysis, medical decision making, neuroimaging, and bioinformatics. Research and applications under the Health Informatics Department of the Informatics Institute proceeds through academic protocols with Hacettepe University Medical College and Dokuz Eylul University Medical College.

Current computing infrastructure of the Informatics Institute provides an invaluable asset for projects that rely on IT, and the current medical expertise in the Health Informatics Department guarantees delivery of high quality medical research.

MKV consulting is participating as a subcontractor. Starting from 2006, MKV consulting has participated in 22 projects funded by EU and Turkish government, assuming roles in project preparation, coordination and management, establishment of training and evaluation programs, as well as dissemination activities.

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Metu has developed a new program, Top Sende, based on two first wave CBT programs, Alles under Controle and GetOn. This is an approach rooted in problem solving therapy, augmented with behavioural activation. The computational backbone is the learning management system used in METU for online course management.

METU team members:

METU Didem Gökçay  

Role in project

Overall: Development and administration of cCBT toolkit in Turkish

Specific role in WPs:

  • Localization of cCBT to Turkish young adult population
  • Technical aspects of administration of computerized CBT
  • Data management and analysis
Name: Didem Gökçay

Organisation: Middle East Technical University/Informatics Institute

Title: Assit. Prof.

Email: dgokcay@metu.edu.tr




Expertise relevant to project


  • Relational database management and administration
  • Cognitive task development in major depression population
  • Neuroimaging in major depression population using fMRI and DTI techniques


METU Dilek Volkan




Role in project
Project Management support & Technical support, Patient management & Clinical consultationsSpecific role in WPs:

  • Reporting tools, Finance
  • Tracking of subject recruitment and Internet based cCBT administration
  • Patient management & Clinical consultations
Name: Dilek Volkan

Organisation: MKV Consulting Training Services & Trade Company Limited

Title: Consultant



Expertise relevant to project


  • Consulting and project management in EU projects
  • Training and education of health personnel in depression