Powys Teaching Health Board (Wales)

Powys teaching Health Board (PtHB) covers a quarter of the landmass of Wales, but has less than 5% of the population, making it Wales’ most sparsely populated area.

Powys appears to be one of the healthiest places to live in Wales. However, issues affecting the health of the population are not always recognised and the Health Board works in partnership with the Institute of Rural Health in the provision of continuing professional education and training as well as research and evaluation in order to ensure that care delivery is designed and evaluated to meet the needs of the local population. This collaboration ensures that ways to overcome the issues of rurality as far as education and training and service developments and improvements and new ways of working are evaluated and embedded effectively into practice.

Challenges to health in Powys include having an ageing population, high rurality, hidden deprivation and difficulties in accessing services including those related to transport. Powys
has an estimated resident population of 132,000. There is a greater percentage of people aged over 50, and a substantially smaller proportion of working age adults in Powys compared with Wales as a whole.

The Health Board has invested in a network of video conferencing facilities which are centrally managed by the Welsh Health Video Conferencing Service. Powys is also the Welsh Government’s first county to have high-speed broadband implemented as part of the Digital Wales program and Digital Powys has undertaken a number of proof-of-concepts to demonstrate the additional value that can be gained from using ICT as part of a wide range of public and private service delivery.

The key aim of Powys teaching Health Board is to deliver “truly integrated care, centred around the individual”. What this means in practice is that:
• They will know their population and anticipate their needs;
• For the frail and the vulnerable, they will be able to assure them that services will respond and be available when they need them;
• When people access services, including those outside Powys, the care pathways will be seamless in terms of their overall experience, information flows and health records.

MasterMind services


Wales adopted the Beating the Blues program. The programme was developed and evaluated by Ultrasis in collaboration with a research team from the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College, London, lead by Dr Judy Proudfoot.

Beating the Blues uses interactive modules, animations and voice-overs to motivate and engage the user through 8 sessions.

See the general description here, for more information about the cCBT services in MasterMind.


In Wales the distances between Health Board sites creates difficulties in reaching the patients. The VC solution will offer the patient a solution, where the patient will sit with a healthcare professional from the Crisis Team at their local Health Board site, and then have a video consultation with the consultant psychiatrist based at another Health Board site. This solution will reduce waiting time for the patient and reduce the time and cost of the healthcare professional travelling.

See the general description here, for more information about the ccVC services in MasterMind.

Powys team members:

POWYS Harold Proctor Role in project:Overall: Project Executive

Specific role in WPs:
Responsible for the oversight of the MasterMind scheme within Powys. Ensuring that progress is on target and that outcomes are delivered. 

Name: Harold Proctor

Organisation: Powys teaching Health Board

Title: Dementia Lead

Email: Harold.Proctor@wales.nhs.uk


Expertise relevant to project:
Harold is a Registered Mental Health Nurse who has a community psychiatric nursing qualification. Harold has 36 years’ experience in the NHS including clinical and managerial posts.Experience of implementing large scale change management processes and service reconfiguration.Clinical experience in the delivery of CBT.
MA in Professional Development.


Role in project
Project Manager. Day to day management of the project to ensure smooth delivery of the required products and services to the agreed tolerances of time, cost, quality , scope, risk and benefits set by the local project board in line with EU directives.Specific role in WPs:
To ensure requested WP tasks allocated to us by other work package leaders are progressed accordingly in line with EU deliverable deadlines.
Name: Becka Williams

Organisation: Powys Teaching Health Board

Title: EU Project Manager

Email: Becka.Williams@wales.nhs.uk





Expertise relevant to project
Becka is a qualified practitioner in Project Management (Prince2) and has worked for the health board for 2 years. Becka manages both European projects PTHB are involved in, these being CareWell and MasterMind.


Role in project
Project Office Manager.
Project support to the Project and Programme managers for the delivery of the MasterMind products and services within Powys.Specific role in WPs:
To ensure any local work package tasks are progressed by the appropriate stakeholders and submitted to EU partners in a timely manner as and when requested by other WP leaders.
Name: Jodie North

Organisation: Powys Teaching Health Board

Title: Project Office Manager

Email: Jodie.North@wales.nhs.uk





Expertise relevant to project

Jodie holds a BA hons degree in Events Management and is a trainee practitioner in Project Management. Jodie is new to the health board and the healthcare industry but brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. Jodie works on the EU Carewell project alongside the Mastermind project.


Role in project
Daniel joined the project in late 2015 when the project was in a mature state, he will provide overall project and programme management and advice for the project within Powys Teaching health board, working closely with the project team, GPs, and other health professionals in all aspects of the project. He will work directly to the SRO (Senior Responsible Owner) and will be responsible for ensuring that the project is managed through recognised Prince2 and MSP methodologies and ensure that governance arrangements to support the project are in place. He will be involved in the evaluation and determining the outcome of use of cCBT in Powys.Specific role in WPs:
Daniel will apply his expertise in ICT, project and programme management, and previous EU projects, to support all aspects of delivery and implementation of the project and solutions/services deployed within it.
Name: Daniel Davies

Organisation: Powys Teaching Health Board

Title: Programme Manager

Email: Daniel.Davies@wales.nhs.uk


Expertise relevant to project
Daniel is a qualified practitioner of MSP (Managing Successful Programmes), PRINCE2 and ITIL (IT Service Management). He has worked in the NHS in Wales for 12 years and has vast experience of implementing change, specifically in relation to ICT and ERP systems including Oracle e-Business to many aspects of the health care system (Finance, Procurement, HR, Inventory). He studied Business Information Technology at the university of Wales Newport attaining a HND and is currently responsible for overseeing European Projects in Powys THB having successfully managed EU funded projects in a previous role. He is also responsible for the programme management of a significant change programme in Powys Teaching Health Board – Commissioning.


POWYS Dr Mirza Wasi Mohamad





Role in project

Dr Mohamad will provide a consultant level input to the project through working closely with the project team, GPs and other health professionals in introducing the use of Guided cCBT in primary care. He will be involved in the valuation and determining the outcome of use of cCBT in Powys and also link with the service users and professionals via video conferencing faculty as a consultant.

Specific role in WPs:
Dr Mohamad will apply his expertise in the use CBT, to support the implementation of WP6 and WP7 into the local environment.

Name: Dr Mirza Wasi Mohamad

Organisation: Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board/Powys Teaching Board

Title: Consultant Psychiatrist

Email: Wasi.Mohamad@wales.nhs.uk






Expertise relevant to projectDr Mohamad is a General Adult Psychiatrist with vast experience of delivering secondary care services. He has been the lead in-patient consultant from 2006 to 2012 and currently the lead for Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Services in North Powys. After completing the membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, he gained further post graduate qualifications in CBT. He has been a consultant in North Powys for 8 years and uses CBT and psychological methods alongside his biological treatments in treating clients with mental health problems. Dr Mohamad uses evidenced based methods in his approach and very keen to monitor outcomes in treatments of depression and other conditions.