GGZ InGeest (Netherlands)

GGZ INGEEST is a large mental health hospital (2.300 staff members and 30.250 patients in current treatment) with a catchment area for patients in the Amsterdam region. GGZ INGEEST collaborates with the VU University Medical Center on research, education and academic patient care. Within GGZ INGEEST, there are 4 Research Units 1) Depression, 2) Anxiety, 3) Bipolarity and 4) Elderly).

Within GGZ INGEEST a special department for research and education has been established for these units, with in total 110 staff members. They work in a research program on affective disorders in which a translational approach is adapted. Research ranges from fundamental (molecular) through RCT on effectivity of interventions, to applied (cost effectiveness of intervention). Within the department of research of GGZ INGEEST, a special infrastructure is available for data collection and data management (support staff, education, facilities) for large scale longitudinal and multi-centre studies (clinical trials) in which em-health applications are used.

The data management group is very experienced in building web based data collections and data dissemination infrastructures for such studies. At present the data management unit supports > 20 different studies, such as the Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety (NESDA); the Netherlands Study of Depression in Older People (NESDO); Schizophrenia in Older Persons (SOUL), as well as two EU funded em-health projects iBenC (Identifying best practices for care in dependent elderly by benchmarking cost and outcome of community care) and eCare@home (Ambient Assisted living for elderly with chronic psychiatric disorders).


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MasterMind services


The cCBT treatment program applied in GGZ InGeest consists of a combination of online and face-to-face sessions with inspiration from Minddistrict and ICT4Depression.

The core components of the treatment are: (1) psycho-education, (2) cognitive restructuring, (3) behavioural activation, and (4) relapse prevention.

The treatment combines individual face-to-face cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with CBT delivered through an Internet based treatment platform (cCBT). These are delivered over 10-15 sessions in basic mental health care and over 12-20 sessions in specialized mental health care depending on the individual needs of the patient.

The involved health professionals are mainly psychologists and specialised Mental Health nurses, who received training. The patients, adults who are suffering from a mild, moderate or severe depression, will be referred by their GP.

See the general description here, for more information about the cCBT services in MasterMind.


Duration of cCBT treatment (primary care)

Duration of cCBT treatment (secondary care)

Duration of cCBT treatment (secondary care)


Support from professionals

Support from professionals


With a goal of further lowering the thresholds for treatment for people, who have difficulties reaching the clinic, VC will be integrated in the treatment of elderly patients and VC will be a part of the cCBT treatment for adult patients in sGGZ. The patients will be refered from their GP. The patient flow within the mental healthcare system is as described in the model below.


See the general description here, for more information about the ccVC services in MasterMind.

GGZ InGeest team members:

??????????????????????????????? Role in project
Together with Els Dozeman, contact person for GGZ inGeest.
Specific role in WPs:
Primary investigator of GGZ inGeest in WP5.Advisory role in WP3 aWP7
Name: Anneke van Schaik
Organisation: GGZ inGeest/ VU medical center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Title: Psychiatrist, MD, PhD
Expertise relevant to project
Psychiatrist at an academic outpatient clinic for depression. Senior researcher with expertise in conducting randomised controlled trials on psychotherapy interventions for depression in primary and secondary care.Specific areas of interest: depression, psychotherapy, transcultural psychiatry, patients’ preferences and e-health.


GGZ Els Dozeman Role in project
Together with Anneke van Schaik, contact person for GGZ inGeest.
Specific role in WPs:
WP5: coordinator implementation cCBT.
Advisory role in WP 3 and WP7
Name: Els Dozeman
Organisation: GGZ inGeest
Title: PhD, nursing specialist
Expertise relevant to project
Expertise as practitioner in online treatment with patients with depression, anxiety and insomnia.
Research projects (quantitative and qualitative) on several online interventions (i.e. video conferencing in patients with severe mental illness, online interventions for social fobia in adolescents, online intervention for sleeping problems in women after breast cancer treatment)


GGZ Stasja Draisma Role in project
Dutch data management coordination
Name: Stasja Draisma
Organisation: GGZ inGeest
Title: methodologist, PhD
Expertise relevant to project
Senior researcher (survey methodologist) with expertise in data management, data quality and data collection methods.


GGZ Mayke Mol Role in project
Overall study evaluation.Specific role in WPs: Involved in WP5 (cCBT 1st wave) en WP7 (videoconferencing).
Name: Mayke Mol
Organisation: GGZ inGeest
Title: Psychologist MSc, PhD student
Expertise relevant to project
Experience in quantitative and qualitative research, literature studies, ex-ante and process evaluations. Project manager of innovative ‘e-supervision’ for delinquent youth.



GGZ Rianne Hoogewoning Role in project
Administrative support
Name: Rianne Hoogewoning
Organisation: GGZ inGeest
Title: Management Assistant
Expertise relevant to project


 GGZ Dana Menist Role in project
Administrative Support.
Specific role in WPs:
WP1 – Task 1.1 Financial & Administrative Coordination.
Name: Dana Menist
Organisation: GGZ inGeest – Research & Development Department
Title: Controller European Projects
Expertise relevant to project
BA in Economics (Business Administration).
Experience in financial reporting with regard to: ICT4Depression & eCare@Home (AAL).