Conselleria De Sanidade De Galicia (Galicia, Spain)

The Galician Health Servicies (Servizo Galego de Saúde, SERGAS) is an autonomous body un the Public Health Ministry of Galicia (Conselleria De Sanidade De Galicia) which is responsible for the management of all health centres and services in Galicia with the purpose of ensuring access to public healthcare.

In 2010, SERGAS developed a strategic plan, which defines seven strategic objectives. One of these main strategic objectives is to promote technology and information in the public health service.

An average of €30 m funding has been incorporated during the last 10 years to provide new models, based in the introduction of new technologies and tools to support organizational changes: Electronic Health record, named IANUS, e-Prescription or Digital imaging provide successful experiences that have provided and are currently providing benefits for quality and sustainability of health services.

The healthcare network connects all primary care centers and secondary care centers. More than 1.800 private communication lines conform this network. This situation allows connection to the same electronic health record system to ALL healthcare professionals (14,900 users in December 2011, all using digital signature under PKI infrastructure), sharing online the same information, including discharge reports, laboratory results, prescription, digital imaging from any center, primary care information.

E-Prescription has also finished deployment and is available for 99,7% of population and more than 1300 pharmacies are connected and 93% of prescriptions are registered in electronic format, both from primary and secondary care centers. Patients are also users of the Galician Electronic Health Record System, and they can access information with digital certificates. Finally, Galicia will finish the connection process for joining the National System for EHR in June 2012, reaching the capability to interact with other European regions through  the epSOS project.

ICT Funding is expected to cover 100% of hospital centers with wireless network and mobile devices that will be incorporated during the next three years. These elements have been identified as an essential infrastructure to provide communication, interaction and traceability for professionals and patients and will be widely used as a basis on innovative telemedicine projects.

MasterMind services


The four Spanish organisations participating in MasterMind agreed to adapt existing evidence-based cCBT programs to their local cultural context. For this purpose, a group of healthcare professionals (psychiatrists and psychologists) from these regions with expertise in CBT interventions and on-line therapies directed to other pathologies, have worked together to define the clinical content of the cCBT programme to be implemented. As there is no experience with cCBT, the four organisations had to use a stepped approach starting within a Mental Health Care Unit and since spreading to GPs.

The IT department has integrated the CBT program in the electronic clinic report, and to ensure that the online sessions are delivered through a secure web-based online treatment platform. The internet platforms include a web-based interface providing patients with access to cCBT therapy modules, a digital workbook, and a secure communication channel for both therapists and patients. The program would be included in a computer-based clinical process that guides professionals in treating depression. In that process, professionals could assign that kind of therapy to any patient they consider.

The adapted cCBT programme, a web application developed in HTML5, is called “Supera tu depresión” (Overcome your depression) and consists of eight modules.


Sergas uses videoconference as collaborative care between specialist and GP to facilitate interaction and to give support to the GP in the treatment of depressive patients.

SERGAS team members:

SERGAS Manuel Arrojo Romero Role in project

Part of the Galicia Mastermind team. In charge of coordination of the pilot in Galicia.


Specific role in WPs:
Development of the pilot in Galicia (WP6)

Name: Manuel Arrojo Romero

Organisation: The Public Health Service of Galicia (SERGAS)

Title: Head of Mental Health and Drug Addiction Division



Expertise relevant to project
Experience with management of the strategic plan and mental health indicators of Galicia as well as the coordination of drug dependency units.
Currently working on the integration of the mental health programme.


SERGAS Susana Fernández-Nocelo Role in project

Part of the Galicia Mastermind team. In charge of coordination, management and financial activities.

Specific role in WPs:
Development of the pilot in Galicia (WP6)

Name: Susana Fernández-Nocelo

Organisation: Consellería de Sanidade (The Galician Health Authority)

Title: Coordinator of European projects



Expertise relevant to project

Experience with management of EU-funded projects at the Galician Health Authority.
Currently working on proposals for health innovation projects, including the Hospital 2050 and Innova-saúde (from ERDF).