3rd Mar 2016 Maria Tajes

“Training needed: different strategies in different context”


Galicia is a territory with a significant demographic dispersion. Mental health services are design from a community perspective in order to provide resources for all the population.

Any health problem is evaluated in a first time by GP. In the case of mental illnesses, GP use to treat the most prevalent and mild diseases like adaptation problems or mild depression. GP can refer to secondary care any case that he considers specially psychosis or severe affective disorders. Mild and moderate depression cases are usually treated by the GP. Because of that we push hard in order to involve Gps in MMIND project!

In 2015 we organized five accredited courses in CBT. The courses were taught by an expert psychologist in CBT who had designed the CBT program contents. These courses takes four hours each one. GPs were taught in CBT principles. We informed them of the future integration of the CBT program in the clinical history and the possibility to offer it as a therapeutic tool. 80 GPs were pre- selected to involved in the project. Almost everyone showed interest in the project. We were excited!

Upppss…First problem! We transfer the data of the Gps to IT services and they answer they can´t supply every clinician computer with the program. Plus, we need to schedule new courses in order to show them the web-based CBT program and teach them how to access to it.

We must change our strategy. We have to optimize the training. We decided to select centers in which we know that clinicians use to be interested in that kind of innovation projects. Plus, we analyze the data about differences between sanitary areas in the incidence of depression selecting that ones with the highest rates. Third criteria was including centers with the possibility to implement the software easily in order to criteria like proximity between professionals, availability of a good internet connection and other technical aspects.

We choose 4 centers in Ferrol sanitary area and 3 centers in Santiago de Compostela area to develop a second edition of the courses. We contacted with the manager of the centers and we explain them MMIND project and they agree to organize the formation courses and encourage the doctors to involve in it.

Next step is having the CBT software ready and installed at the computers. Principal investigator plus psychologist will explain CBT contents in the context of the MMIND project and IT systems will answer the questions about how to use it. Here we go!

2 responses to ““Training needed: different strategies in different context””

  1. Christiaan Vis says:

    So not only cCBT is disseminated and implemented, but also the therapeutic principles of CBT itself as a prerequisite. That is two steps at once!

  2. Maria says:

    We are working hard in order to disseminate cCBT into primary care therapeutic tools. Thank you for your comment Christiaan

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