17th May 2017 Mette Craggs

The final blog post and conclusions

MasterMind was kicked off three years ago and the blog was first kicked off in May 2015. It seems like a long time ago but time has gone by really fast and now we have reached the final blog post of the project.

The blog was initiated as a good place to share knowledge, experiences, information and all the things that we, in MasterMind, have found interesting. We decided to prioritise this, as many partners are doing similar things and connecting partners, learning from others and taking advantage of their lessons learned is extremely valuable both within the consortium but also when targeting others following MasterMind and eMental health initiatives.

A successful project 

From a management perspective, MasterMind has been a great success. The project finishes on time and has achieved great things in the three years. The sites have been extremely committed to deploying the MasterMind services to the benefit of thousands of patients. MasterMind has the inclusion target and has accomplished to include even more patients and reach beyond the inclusion target.

A large number of patients has been included in the project but MasterMind also covers a wide geographical area which reflects the impact of the project. All pilots are up and running and deployment plans have been completed to support the sustainability of the cCBT and ccVC services. MasterMind has initiated the first wave of implementation of eMental health services in Europe and we feel quite confident and hope that the services will be rolled out to more European regions.

One of the MasterMind project’s big accomplishments is the support to providing and promoting equal access to health services and that it now serves as an inspiration for other regions, offering them a pool of knowledge for the benefit of both patients and healthcare professionals.

Another important part of the project has been the extensive and thorough work around the evaluation and the protocol performed by a very committed team. They have gathered good and valuable experience to an extent far beyond what could have been expected at the beginning of the project.
Scientific articles and publication are on the way both locally and on consortium level. We are so excited that MasterMind will be a topic of publication and gain attention beyond the project lifetime.

We are very pleased that MasterMind will leave a mark on Europe and support the work towards better eMental health treatment for the benefit of European citizens and organisations working in eHealth. Additionally, the project has contributed to creating a cross border market situation for eMental health services and eHealth services in general.

Thank you!

In MasterMind, we have been extremely lucky to have a strong and loyal consortium with a high level of commitment. This strong partnership has been an important factor in three years of hard work. Many new relationships and collaborations have been built and we are sure that these partnerships and lessons learned will live on.

As the project coordination team, we would like to thank all our partners, consortium members, professionals and patients in the deployment sites, and all other stakeholders for their huge efforts. MasterMind would not have been a success without them.

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