18th Nov 2016 mnasin

Reminder about data management and qualitative data

Data management is an important area to be taken into account and in particular in a project such as MasterMind.

Data both, quantitative and qualitative, is essential in order to generate evidence on any project’s outcomes. MasterMind is no exception.

MasterMind project aims to learn from large-scale implementation of eMental health in 15 different European regions. Through a sophisticated evaluation study, it attempts to chart the factors that facilitate and hamper further roll-out and upscaling of computerised CBT and videoconferencing technologies for the benefit of European citizens suffering from depressive disorders.

If you want to know how we do this, have a look to our vlog , and don’t forget to read our posts, in particular the post “What’s in a word: evaluation” by Christiaan Vis.


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