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New dissemination activity with an experimented public


BSA has done a lot of dissemination activities, internal and external. Leaflets, posters, meetings, news in media, social media… Further to that, we also wanted to take advantage of training sessions we conduct with the citizens called “Aula de salut”. Citizens are used to go to this meetings in order to know about specific illnesses and how to prevent some of them. Those training sessions are held once a month and the last 15th of May was the time for “Get over your depression”.

Pilar Otermin, Chief Medical Officer and Jaume Claramunt GP and Clinical Chief of 1 of the 7 Primary Care Centres of BSA conducted the meeting. The meeting was a great success for the following reasons:

1. There wasn’t any empty chair
2. There were a lot of questions about depression and the cCBT program “Get over your depression”
3. They said it was very interesting and they even proposed solutions for people who can’t participate because of the lack of ICT connection
4. Some attendees already joined the program after the meeting
5. Some of them gave us some good tips in order to improve “Get over your depression”

Judge for yourself and listen Jaume Claramunt who first speaks about the pilot in Badalona.
Have you done something similar in your pilots?
BSA’s Youtube: https://youtu.be/vbTCqQ2hLG8 


Maria Navarro Asin, Badalona Serveis Assistencials (BSA). I’m a journalist; I work as an innovation technician in BSA. I love the photography and the social media. If you want to know more, you can find me in different social media… Look for me at: @mnasin, or @rdiBSA or www.linkedin.com/in/marianavarroasin

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  1. Modesto Sierra says:

    SALUD- Barbastro holds similar dissemination activities oriented to the GPs from the Barbastro Healthcare Area.
    We include a video in each session to show the methodology used at our site. This video was prepared by the professionals at the Mental Healthcare Unit . It has also been presented during professionals workshops and conferences and it is also available through social networks.


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