25th Jun 2015 Chris Wright

Getting others involved…

Patient and Professional Advisory Boards.

When working on a project such as MasterMind and the implementation of cCBT services it can become difficult to see things from different perspectives.  The Patient and Professional Boards allow us to access external expertise and experience.  They can provide advice and learning on a range of related subjects and topics that are key to implementation issues such as training, communication with referrer groups or patients and dissemination.

The Advisory Boards play a key role in sharing the learning and outcomes from MasterMind. Each of the Boards are managed by organisations with extensive patient and professional networks spread across the length and breadth of Europe.

Making an enquiry to the Advisory Board is an easy process, to find out more contact Chris Wright at chris.wright@nhs24.scot.nhs.uk


Committed Regions

Organisations and regions that are not part of the MasterMind consortium still have the opportunity to be involved in the project by becoming a Committed Region.  We currently have 5 Committed Regions with another 4 interested.  Committed Regions are committed to sharing their experiences of cCBT while learning from MasterMind and its consortium members.  They play an important role in developing a greater understanding of the barriers and facilitators in the successful implementation of cCBT services while help us to disseminate the learning we gain within the MasterMind project.

If you want to become a Committed Region, or if you know of an organisation that would benefit from becoming a Committed Region, please contact Chris Wright at chris.wright@nhs24.scot.nhs.uk for more information.

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  1. Lea Bohn says:

    Great to hear that others than the project partners are interested in being part of the knowledge sharing! Can you share who the committed regions are?

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