2nd Sep 2016 Reinhard Prior

Again about social media….go with the specialists!

Today also medical doctors have their forums, their communities and their facebooks. Also psychiatrists, psychotherapists and neurologists. As a neurologist, I spend from time to time some hours there to have suggestions for my daily practice and to learn from  the views and opinions of my colleagues.

Recently I followed a discussion about online psychotherapy on the largest medical community (www.coliquio.de) in Germany and as Scientific Coordinator in MasterMind I was quite interested. The prevalent opinions were around the common prejudices such as:

•        will never work
•        efficacy not proven
•        patients need face to face to be less depressed
•        not serious
•        not human
•        unprofessional
•        nobody will pay for it
•        not allowed by the medical or psychothterapist councils


In summary, much scepticism both by doctors and therapists.

So, I couldn’t resist to open some eyes posting a little comment introducing MasterMind and linking our website. Saying that thanks to MasterMind,  online depression treatment of thousand of patients has become reality across Europe from Greenland to Turkey.

This caused astonishment in the following comments, in smooth transition to amazement by some of the colleagues. All together, a rewarding feedback and I am sure I will continue this kind of high key social media dissemination of the MasterMind project.


Reinhard Prior, Health Information Management (HIM SA)

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