4th Apr 2016

MasterMind presented twice at ISRII 8th Scientific Meeting

ISRII (International Society for Research on Internet interventions) promotes the scientific study of internet interventions targeting behavioral, psychosocial, health and mental health outcomes. These  include the web, mobile and wireless devices and applications, digital gaming, virtual reality, remote sensing and robotics.

Every 12-18 months, the ISRII community comes together in Scientific Meetings to share knowledge and experiences, discuss ideas, and find new ways to move forward with internet interventions. The 8th Scientific Meeting will focus on digital technologies to improve health across the lifespan and will cover lifestyle behaviours, management of acute and chronic conditions, and mental health.

MasterMind will be presented twice during the event. First during the symposium “European conserted research on Internet-based prevention and treatment of mental disorders across the lifespan” together with the European projects E-COMPARED, iCare, and eCare@Home. Here, the focus will be on how research and real-life implementation come together to produce sound results. Second as part of the symposium “Implementing and upscaling eMental health in routine care across the world”, where preliminary results from the project will be presented in a session covering research done in Europe, Australia, and Canada.

Read more about the conference here.