14th Feb 2017

Final Conference – numbers, first takeaways & photos

The Conference in numbers

MasterMind Final Conference took place on 8 February 2017 in Barcelona. On this beautiful and sunny day, 127 participants (of 140 registered) came to La Pedrera to attend the conference in person, while 21 joined in through live streaming via the website.

18 speakers and panellists gave their views on the project, its results, eMental health, and health innovation in general with active involvement from the audience through questions, comments, and – not least – tweets.

During the conference itself and the surrounding days, the @EUMasterMind Twitter account tweeted 30 times, was mentioned 103 times, gained 18 new followers, and receievd 1730 profile visits. The aim of this great Twitter activity was to allow anyone not present at the event itself to follow the themes and discussions.


First takeaways

The main points brought forward by the project consortium representatives include how the differences between the implementation sites have generated valuable knowledge throughout the project, how we have reached a global audience (for example the US and Australia) through our communication efforts and partnerships, and how the project has resulted in changes to both organisational and reimbursement structures for eMental health in several partner regions. The conference also showed how a small EU investment in a project can become a catalyst for cooperation and a much larger regional investment – unlocking implementation potential in the participating regions.

From the external speakers, we heard how Europe needs the experiences and evidence obtained by the project and how we should continue to share them with regions, countries, and the European Union as a whole. Also, it was noted by the European Commission that the case for technology contributing to dealing with mental health problems is real and that the next steps should be replication and further deployment. Notably, it was commented from the WHO that Europe is the region of the world, where the rate of eMental health adoption is growing the fastest and that MasterMind is considered an international success in this regard.

A report summing up the content of the day will be made available towards the official end date of the project.

Selected photos from the day