30th Aug 2016

eMental Health Twitter chat insights

In late June, a Twitter chat on the subject of eMental Health was organised between the MasterMind project, WHO, and WeNurses. The purpose was to raise awareness of new treatment options in the mental health area – and of course from our side, to increase the project’s visibility on Twitter.

The chat was one intense hour of discussions, based on pre-defined questions:

  • What is the role of technology in supporting patient’s mental health?
  • When is a high-tech approach the right one?
  • Can eHealth improve co-ordination in mental health care?
  • What are different countries in Europe doing to use the full potential of eMental Health?

A Post Discussion Report shows that the chat had a total of 119 contributers, produced 661 tweets, and reached 6,903,362 Twitter profiles. At the end of the hour, the chat received excellent feedback through a poll done by the WeNurses Twitter account.

MasterMind itself participated in the chat, and several consortium members joined in – some to discuss, others just to follow the chat and retweet relevant points. See the transcript of the chat for an overview of how MasterMind was included in the discussions: http://wecommunities.org/tweet-chats/chat-details/2780