29th Sep 2016

7th MasterMind consortium meeting in Turin, 12-13 October 2016

This October, the last MasterMind consortium meeting will be held in Turin, Italy.

This last ordinary meeting will focus on a number of key issues relevant to the final stages of the project as well as the concrete work to be done, including a large number of deliverables.

First of all we will discuss and share knowledge about the communication and dissemination activities that have been carried out in the regions, what tools have been used and how this has affected the uptake and implementation of the services, on local, regional, or national level.

Secondly, we will have a thorough discussion of which plans for sustainability and continuation of the services there are in the different regions and which business models are considered relevant.

Thirdly, the data collection process will be coming to an end and we can start to look at the results. The analyses that will be presented in the final evaluation reports will be conducted on the available dataset in September, and we will use the CM to validate these preliminary findings and discuss any needs (and possibilities) for adjustments of the analyses.

Finally, we will use the CM for the planning of the final deliverables in the project. We will discuss the status, plans, and responsibilities for the last part of the work.

After the CM, a satellite meeting organised by our VUA colleagues will serve to uncover important lessons from the implementation processes carried out in the different regions.